I Love Dowel Rods

Dowel Rod for Ribbons

Can you believe I would even write, “I love dowel rods”?    It is true!  I heart them.  I do!  Dowel rods are useful, simple and make great pointers… to the spider in the porch corner. Let me count the ways.  I use them to hang small quilt blocks. To hold thread and bobbins… Hoot, aka [...]

You Never Know


You never know. It could happen!  Just suit up and show up ready to play.   These words filter through my mind on a daily basis. 2 years ago, I began the conversion from full-time employee to self-employed master of my own fate.  Yes, a few times I’ve clenched my teeth and silently screamed EEEEEKKKK!  [...]

Patriotic Quilt


Recently I was asked to make a patriotic quilt for a client’s husband.  He is a veteran.  I really love my country.  I’m grateful to be an American.  I am thankful our forefathers who, in their wisdom, created a totally unique form of government.  I’m deeply moved when I think of all who have served this land [...]

Time to Laugh


It’s time to laugh. Yes, I need to laugh because I’m coming off of a wild week which was not nearly as bad as Alexander’s  Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.  It was wild with unexpected surprises like water in the studio causing me to fall behind on my projects which makes me grumpy. [...]

Organize the Studio: Tips

Mug Tree for Rotary Cutters

My dream was to Organize the Studio.   Yes, my quilting, sewing studio.  Dreaming is the key word because I’m usually too busy making messes.  However, wet carpet created new priorities on Tuesday. Wednesday was day one of the fun.  We moved things out and placed fans strategically to dry the floor. While at home with [...]

Quilting Workshop Best Practices & Secret Ingredients

Quilting Retreat

Are you looking for quilting workshop best practices? Wouldn’t it be great if you were given the secret ingredients to make it an awesome workshop?  Especially if the secret ingredients will boost your career? Make some egg money and get your name out there while allowing you to talk about what you love to do? Guess what?  [...]

Inspired to Create

Garage doors2

I’m inspired to create and it is usually to meet a need.  But, I love a great challenge.  I love color.  I love pattern.  I love contrast.  I love designing quilts.  I love designing quilt blocks.  I design a quilt every day. I joined a FB group called QDAD, Quilt Design A Day, early last [...]

Barn Quilts

Carpenter Star Barn Quilt 2' x 2'

Annie McHugs designs and sells Barn Quilts.  It’s a shared effort with my wonderful hubby who we call Hoot.  Why do I call him Hoot?  Because years ago he made me laugh and I said, “You are a hoot.”    I paused.  I thought about it.  I said, “No child can say my first name…but they can [...]

Turning Quilt Designs from To Do’s to Ta-Da’s

Quilt Design by Annie McHugs

It’s the time of year I focus on turning my To Do’s to Ta-Da’s because, well, I have one year before I have a.n.o.t.h.e.r. birthday.  Over the next 12 months, I’ll work to complete my list which is often broad, wide-ranging and odd collection of items like  (a) let my bangs grow out; (b) learning to [...]

Inspiration and Happy Surprises


Just this morning, while thinking, “I’m in the mood to write but I need an inspiration”,  I took the clip out of my hair…which promptly popped out of my hand, landed on the floor tile, bounced across the room as if a giant magnet was pulling it and it popped perfectly in the center of [...]