DIY: Lint Roller Repurposed into a Thread Catcher

Post 2 Blog Nov 1 2014

When asked “What’s your best time-saving tip for sewing?”  I often say “a lint roller repurposed into a thread catcher”. Here’s how I do it: a)   I start with a lint roller.  Yes, the one that costs less than $3.00. b)  Cut the sheets lengthwise to remove from the roller. c)  Put on or near [...]

Barn Quilt Installation


Another exciting week  (and it’s only Tuesday) at Hidden Star Retreat.  Progress at the Retreat  includes new cushions for the outdoor wicker furniture,  the task/desk and folding chairs were delivered on an 18-wheeler (dang), and the Barn Quilt installation has begun! The first one is a Carpenter’s Star.  I’d like to give it a name.  Any ideas? [...]

Barns + Quilts = Barn Quilts

Barn Quilt Texas Flag

Did you know that Hoot (the name our grand kids call my hubby) and I (I’m Annie…did you put that together?  Hoot & Annie?)  make Barn Quilts.  I love barns.  I have barns.  I love quilts.   Barns + Quilts = Barn Quilts. We cut exterior wood to a 4 by 4 size.  Paint it with [...]

Hidden Star Retreat Bedrooms Sleep 12

Celery Sprig room

Have you heard?  The Hidden Star Retreat is opening soon.  It really helps that the beds arrived today!  I’m so excited that I cannot hardly wait to show you the progress.  These are my snapshots.  The photographer will be here Monday.  She’s the pro! There are 3 bedrooms.  The Turquoise bedroom has 6 beds. The [...]

DIY Pillow Make Over

Pillow Make Over

I love big pillows stacked on the floor + I had these pillows.  I decided on a DIY Pillow Make Over. All I did was: a)  quilted some plain fabric.  It’s a natural muslin color 100% Kona fabric.  I know some say “I can’t do that”.  If you have a sewing machine you can do [...]

Drop Cloth Curtains

Bedroom Curtains from Drop Cloths

Because I have 7 windows to cover at the Hidden Star Retreat, I decided to try the Drop Cloth Curtains approach. Yes, that’s the secret ingredient.  For less than $20 per window…and you can do it, too. I bought multiple 4 by 12 ft. drop cloths. I washed and dried them to make them soft. [...]

Piece a little. Quilt a little.

Woven Star Quilt made by AnnieMcHugs

I love variety.  The key:  Piece a little.  Quilt a little.  Do you?  I love variety of colors.  And, I love designing.  So, I’m in heaven working on opening the Hidden Star Retreat (check out for more info). I thought it would be great to make a quilt out of the logo.  In the beginning, [...]

Glass Barn Door

Glass Barn Door

Answer this:  What is better than a new  Barn Door?  A new Glass barn door! What is better than a new Glass Barn Door?  A Quilting Barn with a glass barn door!

Make Your Own Chimes


More often than I care to report, I am asked, “How did you think of that?”  So, I’ve gotten quite good at identifying the precise series of peculiar events that ends in a make your own _____  (fill in the blank).    As an example of this seemingly random series of peculiar events I will [...]